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       “It's...” You looked closely at the object held in your hands and pondered on hwat the heck it could be. After a few seconds, you sighed and shrugged. “I have no clue what this is. Who owns this... thing?” You chuckled to yourself, shaking your head.

       Bulgaria stood up and walked over to you. He inspected the item and nodded. “It's mind.” Standing straight, he asked, “Shall we go to the closet?” Completely stumped on the object you held, you nodded though your thoughts weren't on the game right now. The country stood in front of you, sighing as he tried to get you to follow him by motioning with his head to come with him. You just stared at the item as Bulgaria walked to the closet.

       “Dude, (f/n).” America nudged your shoulder to get your attention, but you continued to take up time with staring at Bulgaria's item. You felt you should know what it is, but it slipped your mind; it was on the tip of you tongue! “Dude! Don't make me carry you to the closet!” You weren't paying him any attention. “All right, (f/n), you brought this on yourself.”

       America bent down, grabbed you by the waist, and hoisted you up over his shoulder. This definitely got your attention. “Holy shitaka-mushrooms!” You grasped the object closer to yourself so it wouldn't fall out of your hands. “Alfred! Put me down!”

       “With pleasure.” He lightly tossed you to the closet floor. The object fumbled a bit in your hands, but you were able to grab it again before it landed on the ground. “Okay, now you guys have seven minutes before I come back. You two better have down something besides sitting and staring at Bulgaria's item.” The blond pouted at you as he shut the door.

       You stared at the door as best you could in the dark. Bulgaria moved to get more comfortable as he sat next to you. You jumped when you noticed his movement. Blinking, you chuckled at yourself.

       “Sorry.” You softly said. “I should be playing this game instead of trying to figure out what your item is.” Bulgaria was still silent. You sighed. “It's because little things like these that are a mystery to me that I sometimes forget whatever else is going on. I figure I must be a scientist or researcher, or even an architect; something along those lings. I...I don't really get out because of that either.”

       Bulgaria nodded to your little ramble. “That's fine. At least I know what interests you.” He blushed slightly though you didn't catch what he said. Clearing his throat, he asked. “Would you like me to tell you what it is?”

       You thought about it, shaking your head. “Nah, I’ll try to figure it out on my own.” For the next few minutes you examined the object. You were guilty about Bulgaria's turn not turning into much but as soon as you were going to apologize again, you finally remembered what the object was. “Of course I should know what this is! I saw an article about some of these, but...” you looked at Bulgaria, “how did you... How were you able to keep it for your own personal item collection, or something?”

       The item in your hands was, in fact, an artifact found in Northern Bulgaria. This little piece of molded gold was one of, you think, 44 applications of female figures. It was in a tomb that is said to be linked to Alexander the Great as well as the first known Getic ruler, Cothelas. The article you read was from a year ago, almost exactly. You couldn't help but wonder how Bulgaria could get his hands on one of these.

       He smiled slightly, understanding what you were trying to ask. Chuckleng to himself, he stated, “It was found in my country, and it was asked to be taken, so I took one without any of the others knowing.”

       Your mouth fell agape. “No way, you literally just took this?” Bulgaria nodded. “That is so cool! Could I possibly see the other artifacts if I visit your country?” He nodded again but with a faint blush. “Great!” You leapt over and hugged him. “Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see them all with you! It'll be so much fun!”

       Bulgaria's face went furiously red. He couldn't believe you were hugging him! If he had known how much stuff like that artifact interested and excited you, he would have mentioned them a long time ago; when they were found. Finally hugging you back, he stiffly embraced you before placing a soft peck on your cheek.

       Your face flushed as you felt something brush against the skin on your cheek. You weren't sure if you were imagining the touch since it was so soft, but all thoughts were brushed aside as the door swung open.

       “All right dudes, you accidentally got a few more minutes than planned and- Oh, I see that you are touching, but a hug? Seriously?” Alfred sighed as he shrugged. “At least that's something other than our science, architect geek here studying the artifact.” He chuckled and left with the door open for you two to exit.

       Blushing slightly, you bounced up to your feet, smiling down at Bulgaria as you extended a hand towards him. “So, when can I come visit you to see more artifacts?”

       Bulgaria smiled shyly up at you as he took your hand and stood beside you, exiting the closet along with you. “Any time you are free, (f/n). Any time.”
Note that I've never written anything with Bulgaria before, besides the little thing in Romania's story, but other than that, he's all new to me. I don't really know him that well, I know that he was in the anime and of course the manga, but I'm not familiar with him. Also, the artifact that was described is a real artifact, I don't know what it's called, but I did a bit of research on any Bulgarian Artifacts and that article mentioned came up with the founding in Northern Bulgaria of many artifacts within a tomb. I'm not really a history geek, but when it comes to little things like that, they interest me.

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